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Terms and Conditions

Validity and scope of the terms and conditions

1.1. The terms and conditions of sale govern the rights and obligations arising between a customer of Nana OÜ online shop (hereafter: Purchaser) and Nana OÜ, registry code 12741701 (hereafter: Nanails) with the purchase of goods (hereafter: Product/Products).
1.2. In addition to the Terms and Conditions, the legal relationships arising from the purchase of Products from the Nanails online shop shall be regulated by the legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia.
1.3. Nanails reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Sale and the sales prices. These changes will be made available on Nanails’ web page www.nanails.eu.
1.4. By accepting these conditions, the Purchaser confirms that (s)he has read the Terms and Conditions of Sale, agrees to them, and will follow them.

Price information

2.1. All prices at the Nanails online shop include a value added tax of 22%.
2.2. Discounted prices are rounded off to full figures.

Placing an order

3.1. On Nanails’s website, you can order Products that have 'Add to shopping cart' icon next to them. To order the desired Product, just add it to your shopping cart. Products intended for professional use can be ordered only by business customers employed in the beauty-service industry, provided that they have been registered and confirmed by Nana.
3.2. The availability and prices of Products are subject to change without notice. Product’s in-store availability can be viewed under 'Availability' information located under the Product description. The prices of Products are indicated on the Products page. The discounted prices are indicated next to Products together with the full prices.
3.3. The Purchaser can check the items in his/her shopping cart by clicking on the 'Cart' icon at the top of the webpage. The number of Products in a shopping cart can be changed by writing the desired number in the appropriate field. The Products can be deleted by clicking on the cross located on the same line with the Product.
3.4. Before completing the order, choose the most suitable delivery method. The delivery is free for all Estonia orders over € 50. International delivery is free for orders over € 300. For more detailed information on parcel delivery you can check Shipping & Delivery.
3.5. To complete the order, click 'Proceed to checkout'. If you are a registered user of Nana online shop, proceed to log in to your account. If you are ordering Products for the first time, click 'New client' and insert your contact information.
3.6. To confirm your order, click 'Order and pay'. Next, an invoice will be generated and you can proceed with a payment using your credit card, online banking link or bank transfer. The confirmation of the order (i.e. proforma invoice) will be sent to the Purchaser’s email address. Purchase history and invoices can be managed under 'My account'.
3.7. Nana will dispatch Products only after the receipt of the payment.

Entry into force of the sale contract

4.1. The Purchaser undertakes to pay for the order by clicking on 'Order and pay'.
4.2. The sales contract enters into force after the receipt of the payment made by the Purchaser to Nana OÜ’s (hereafter: Nanails) bank account.


5.1. After the entry into force of the sales contract (after the receipt of the payment made by the Purchaser) Nanails assembles the order and hands it over to Nanails’ logistics partners for delivery.
5.2. Orders placed and paid for on workdays before 13.00, will be delivered to the Purchaser the next day or according to the delivery times indicated on the product card. Delivery to islands may take up to 3 days. If the delivery is delayed, Nanails’ customer support will arrange with the Purchaser a convenient delivery time.
5.3. In order to avoid delivery delays, the order forms have to be filled in carefully and the delivery information submitted should be accurate and valid.
5.4. If the Products are non-compliant to the contract’s terms and conditions, the Purchaser shall have the right to: refuse to order or fulfil his outstanding obligations; demand a reimbursement or a reduction of the price; demand the payment of interest, if Nanails delays to fulfil its monetary obligations. Products damaged (but not packaging) during transportation must be replaced to the Purchaser. If the replacement of the Product proves impossible, the Purchaser will receive a reimbursement equal to the price of the goods.
5.5. Nanails shall not be held responsible for a delay in delivery, if the goods were handed over to logistics partners on time, but the delivery was delayed due to circumstances that Nanails could not foresee or control.

Right of withdrawal

6.1. After receiving the Products from Nanails online shop, the Purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract entered into with the online shop within 14 days. If the Purchaser finds the Product unsuitable, s/he can return it without giving any reason. The term to withdraw from the agreement expires after 14 days starting from the day when the Purchaser or a third person appointed by the Purchaser came into the possession of the Products.
6.2. The right of withdrawal shall not apply to: goods that cannot be returned due to their nature and if delivered in a sealed packing but were unsealed by the client after delivery; goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons if unsealed after delivery; goods which Nanails is unable to check the integrity of the packaging or non-use of the product (e.g., missing foil cap liners and seals under the lids); product manufactured according to the Purchaser’s specifications; product mixed or diluted with other products so that they can no longer be separated from each other; product that has been used for business and professional activity purposes.
6.3. Nanails will refund the sum paid for the returned Product to the Purchaser without delay, but not later than within 14 days from the date the Purchaser notified Nanails of his/her decision to return the Product. To return the Product, the Purchaser must submit a return form.
6.3.1. The Purchaser shall bear the return costs, except for cases when the Product being returned does not comply with the order (e.g., wrong/faulty product).
6.4. The Purchaser has to return the Product to Nanails immediately but not later than within 14 days from the day s/he informed Nanails of his/her wish to return the Product. The Product can be returned to Nanails shop located at Pärnu maantee 23, 10141, Tallinn, Eesti.
6.5. The deadline is deemed met if the Purchaser returns the Product before the expiry of the 14-day period.
6.6. Nanails has the right to refuse repayment until the returned Product is received back or the Purchaser has submitted evidence that s/he has sent the Product back, depending on which takes place earlier.
6.7. If the Purchaser wants to avoid compensating for the decrease in the value of the Product, s/he must treat and use the Product only in the manner that would be generally allowed in a store, and the Product must be returned in its original packaging and in its entirety (all of the items included in the product packaging must be present along with any gifts added by Nanails). If the Purchaser uses the Product in any other way than is necessary to verify its nature and functioning, or returns the Product without its original packaging and without its initial full set, the Purchaser shall be held responsible for the decrease in the value of the Product.
6.7.1. If the condition of the Product to be returned has deteriorated, the Purchaser is responsible for the decreased value of the Product due to its use only if the Product has been used in any other way than is necessary to verify its nature, qualities, and functioning. To verify the object’s nature, qualities, and proper functioning, the Purchaser should treat and use the object only in the manner that would be generally allowed in a store.
6.8. Nanails has the right to present claims to the Purchaser regarding the decrease in the value of the Product within one month as of the receipt of the returned Product.
If the Purchaser has used or tested the returned Product in any other way than is necessary to verify its nature, qualities, and functioning, or in the manner that would not be generally allowed in a store, the Purchaser shall be held responsible for the decreased value of the Product, and Nanails has the right to deduct this sum from the amount subject to repayment to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser does not agree to the decrease in the value as indicated by Nanails, the Purchaser has the right to involve an independent expert in order to establish the decreased value of the Product. The costs related to the independent expert assessment shall be incurred by the party whose opinion proved to be unfounded.
6.10. If the Purchaser does not receive the Product s/he had ordered, or the Product delivered does not correspond to the description provided on the web page, or the Product appears defective, the Purchaser can, instead of submitting a request for withdrawal within 14 days, use his/her lawful right to present a complaint.

Using purchased Products for business and professional purposes (incl. Legal persons)

7.1. If the purchased Product has been used for business or professional purposes, or used by a legal person, the regular complaints procedure shall not apply. In such cases, the period for submitting a complaint is usually 6 months.
7.2. The Product shall not be subject to return if: the Product is produced taking into account the Purchaser’s individual needs; the Product is produced according to conditions set out by the Purchaser; the Product cannot be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons, and if it has been opened by the Purchaser after delivery (cosmetic product etc).

Liability and Complaints procedure

8.1. Nana OÜ (registry code 12741701) and the Purchaser shall be held liable for the damage caused to the non-breaching party in the events and to the extent provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
8.2. Nana OÜ shall be liable for the non-compliance of the Product sold to the Purchaser with the terms and conditions of the contract or for defects which existed at the time of its handover to the Purchaser and which occur within two years of the handover of the Product to the Purchaser. Within the first six months as of its handover to the Purchaser, it is assumed that the defect was present upon handover of the Product. It is Nana OÜ’s responsibility to prove otherwise.
8.3. The Purchaser has the right to submit complaints with Nana OÜ with regard to a non-conforming Product within the period of two years from the date of its handover to the Purchaser. A complaint has to be submitted without delay but no later than within two months from detecting a defect of the Product. Upon detecting a defect, the Purchaser must take all reasonable measures for the preservation and protection of the Product, including not to use the defective Product, if this would further deteriorate its condition.
8.4. If the Product does not conform to contractual terms and conditions, the Purchaser may exercise the legal remedies provided for in law, including requesting the repair or replacement of the Product. If the Product cannot be repaired or replaced, or the repair or replacement proves unsuccessful or causes unreasonable inconveniences to the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall have the right to withdraw from the sales contract and demand a refund.
8.5. Nana OÜ shall not be held liable for defects arising from the Purchaser’s incorrect usage or improper storage of the Product. Defects are Product defects, not defects of packaging.
8.6. If Nana OÜ or the manufacturer has granted warranty to the Product, the warranty conditions in written form shall be given to the Purchaser and/or shall be made electronically available in the online shop.
8.7. The Purchaser has to keep the purchase documents (invoice, contract, etc.) that verify the purchase of the Product from the Nana OÜ store or online shop for the resolution of possible later problems. Nana OÜ has the right to refuse to resolve the problem if a purchase document is missing.
8.8. If the Product purchased at the Nana OÜ store or in the online shop has defects, the Purchaser has to submit a complaint within the next two months. The complaint can be sent to the online shop customer service by emailing to (registry code 12741701) or dialling (registry code 12741701).
8.9. A complaint must be submitted along with the defective Product. Nana OÜ and the Purchaser shall enter into a maintenance and repair agreement if the Product needs to be sent to a diagnostics centre or to experts for the identification of the nature and cause of the defect.
8.10. A complaint must contain the following information: Purchaser’s name and contact details; Date of presenting a complaint; Description of the Product’s defects; A claim presented to Nana OÜ; Reference to documents, confirming the fact of the transaction or a warranty, or provide their copies in the attachment.
8.11. Nana OÜ will respond to the complaint in writing within 15 days after the receipt of the complaint from the Purchaser. If Nana OÜ is unable to provide a response to the Purchaser’s complaint within 15 days, Nana OÜ will inform the Purchaser of that in writing, stating the reason for delay and the date by which the response will be provided.
8.12. When resolving the Product’s defects, the parties shall be guided by the Nana OÜ’s claiming conditions, which are an integral part of the present sales conditions.
8.13. The Purchaser is entitled to address a competent supervisory authority, which is the Estonian Consumer Protection Board at Sõle 23a, 10614 Tallinn, email: info@ttja.ee. For the out-of-court resolution of online consumer disputes in accordance with EU regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
8.14. If the Purchaser and Nana OÜ fail to settle the dispute by agreement, the Purchaser may address the Consumer Dispute Committee. Its procedural rules can be viewed and a complaint can be submitted here. The Consumer Dispute Committee is competent to resolve disputes arising from a contract between a Purchaser and an Online Shop. Resolution of disputes by the Committee is free of charge for the Purchaser.
8.15. The Purchaser may also address the dispute resolution bodies of the European Union.

Force majeure

9.1. Nanails shall not be held liable for damage caused or for delay in delivery of the Product, if the damage or delay in delivery are the result of circumstances that Nanails could not have influenced or foreseen.

Protection and security of personal data

10.1. Click here to read about the processing of personal data.

Data processing and security

11.1. Any personal data that the Purchaser/Customer provides while visiting and shopping in Nana OÜ online shop are considered confidential information. Except for cases when a courier requires the Purchaser’s/Customer’s name, phone number or delivery address for goods delivery purposes, or in other cases prescribed by law.
11.2. The use of encrypted data transmission channel with banks guarantees that personal data and bank particulars of buyers are protected. Also, the Nana OÜ online shop has no access to such data.

Other provisions

12.1. The images of the products are for illustrative purposes only.
12.2. All prices and availability of the Products are subject to change without notice. In connection with the former, Nana OÜ reserves the right to cancel the sales transaction and to refund the money in Purchaser’s bank account within reasonable time.
12.3. Product information is verified and updated on a regular basis. It may happen that the Product data has been updated after the Purchaser’s last visit. Nana OÜ is not responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the Product information provided on the website.

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