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A high-quality LED table lamp will perfectly illuminate the workplace of every stylist. It has white light - safe and adjustable with the ON / OFF button, power memory function - when restarted with the ON / OFF button, it lights up in the last selected mode. Thanks to mounting the lamp to the table top, it does not take up much space.

Designed for professional nail experts.
1. Fix the lamp to the edge of the table, then insert the lamp into the clamp hole.
2. Plug in the lamp, it is on OFF position.
3. To turn the lamp on, press ON/OFF button, the lamp starts to light.
4. The lamp has got four levels of brightness: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% which could be set by ON/OFF button.
5. The lamp possess the memory power function i.e. after restarting by ON/OFF button the lamp will light in recenly chosen mode.
6. After using the lamp, turn it off and disconnect from power supply.
1. Never operate the device if:
a) it has a damaged cord or plug.
b) it is not working properly.
c) It has been dropped or damaged in any manner.
2. Please read the instruction carefully before using the lamp.
3. Please use the lamp according to its destination.
4. The device should be placed away from vases, bottles, aquariums and other water containers in order to avoid damage.
5. Please unplug the power supply, when you finish using the lamp.
6. Disconnect the device from the mains during thunderstorms or when it is not to be used for an extended period of time.
7. When using, please wear protective glasses.
8. The device could be used by children under 8 year, mentally, physically disabled people or people without appropriate experience or knowledge only if an appropriate supervision or instruction will be ensured in a safety way so that the risk of using the device could be understandable. Do not allow children to play with the device. Children without the adult supervision should not wash and maintain the device.
9. Avoid hanging the cord over a counter or table where it can be pulled on, by children or tripped over
10. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.
11. Unplug the device when it is not in use. Allow to cool handling, cleaning, or storing in right place.
12. Attachments not recommended by the manufacturer may cause hazards.

Power (W)-24W (117 PCS SMD LED)
Color rendering index (CRI)-RA>80
Input voltage (VAC)-100-240V
Energy efficiency-Class:A
Operation voltage (VDC)-27,5V
Illuminance lux (Lux / 40cm)-2480Lux
Interface type-Power Adapter
Luminous flux (Lumen)-2200lm
Operation temperature (°C) - -5°C ~4 4000
Correlated color temperature (CCT)-5600k~6000k
Life span-More than 30,000 hours

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