LED Lamp NeoNail Expert 48W White


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LED Lamp NeoNail Expert 48W White

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Our LED lamp features a modern design, an operating time of up to 35,000 hours and a simple and intuitive operation. The energy-efficient LED diodes of the lamp consume only about 6W, distribute the light evenly on all nails and thus ensure perfect curing of the UV nail polish.


There are four different settings for the lighting time: ten, 30 or 60 seconds and the fixed exposure.

Our LED lamp is equipped with a motion sensor, which activates the operation of the lamp after inserting the hand.

An LCD display informs you about the choice of lighting time and the performance of the lamp.

In order to facilitate the cleaning of the LED lamp, the underside is separable.

In addition, the underside is coated with a protective film.

Also the rubber elements on the top of the lamp, which can be used for repairs on the nail plate during the treatment, are detachable.

A movable flap on the front of the lamp prevents the spread of the LED radiation outside the lamp and at the same time reduces heat loss during the treatment.

The lamp does not have to be serviced.

A replacement of the fluorescent lamps is not necessary thanks to the LED technology.

The product has a warranty of 12 months.

Measurements: 230x210x100 mm.


Plug the power cord and turn on the lamp with the “O / I” button.

Select the Timer option or press and hold all three buttons simultaneously to turn on continuous operation.

Set the desired power.

To reduce the power, press the two buttons 10 and 30 together.

To increase the power, press the two buttons 30 and 60 together.

Power ranges: 6W, 12W, 24W, 36W, 48W;

Press the timer button located on the back of the unit to start lighting.

Then place your hand in the lamp.

The lamp will automatically turn off as soon as the set time has finish. An exception to this is permanent operation.

After the treatment, turn the lamp off with the “O / I” button .

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