LED Lamp NeoNail Expert 26/48W White

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The new improved innovative nail lamp 48 W NeoNail now helps you save money! Using less electricity, it remains as powerful as its predecessor. The lamp is equipped with LEDs of the latest generation, in which the efficiency is increased. Consuming only 26w, our lamp outperforms even classic 48w lamps in terms of efficiency and polymerizes materials even better!
Professional LED lamp 26/48w will provide you with fast work with various materials for nail extension and coating. Compatible with most types of gels and gel polishes. Except for older generation gels which require UV rays for full cure.
Stylish and comfortable model, thought out to the smallest detail:
- The rubberized black removable insert for a convenient arrangement of hands of the client;
-Movable curtain to avoid hitting the rays in the client's eyes;
-Lamp control is facing the master, which is very convenient for the master;
-LCD display which informs the choice of working time and power;
-Possibility of reducing or increasing power;
- Timer buttons for 10, 30, 60 seconds;
-Built-in "smart memory" mode - remembers the last set time;
-There is a mode of constant work;
-Built-in motion sensor - automatically turns on and off when you place your hand in the lamp;
- There is a removable metal bottom for using the lamp in a pedicure;
-Special restriction at the bottom of the lamp for the correct position of the client's hands.
Led nail lamp 48 belongs to a new generation of equipment and is equipped with special diodes with a number of significant advantages: Durable and do not need to be replaced.
Do not dry the skin of the hands, harmless to humans and the environment;
Save energy.
The powerful light required for curing is achieved at the expense of low energy costs, saving up to 85%. Increased polymerization rate of oligomers - from 10 to 60 seconds. This significantly saves the time of the specialist, and increases the profitability of the nail business.
Dimensions: 23x21x10

  • Maximum power: 48W.
  • Number of LEDs: 18 pcs
  • Wavelength: 365 - 405 nm
  • DC 12V 4A


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