Manicure dust collector ÜLKA PREMIUM P X2F (white)

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This is the ÜLKA X2F table hood in a new design.
These hoods are equipped with centrifugal fans that operate at high performance.
but less noise and less power consumption

-Power — 52 Watts
-Throughput capacity - up to 800 m3/hour
- The hood has: 2 speeds
-Instead of a bag, this hood collects dust in a heppa filter
- Dimensions: 24.5x26.5x11 cm

Comes with Heppa filter, reusable mask and palette.

The case is made of impact-resistant plastic.

The hood has special rubber anti-slip feet.

The hood is equipped with an industrial centrifugal fan.

It is ideal for craftsmen working with even the most volatile material.

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