Bronsun Nr.3 Blue Black Eyelash And Eyebrow Dye 15ml

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BRONSUN® is an extra-resistant gel-color for eyelashes and eyebrows with a henna effect: it colors not only the hairs, but also the skin, providing an expressive and rich result.

BRONSUN® is a champion in durability: from 7 days on the skin / from 7 weeks on the hairs.

The gel texture does not spread, it is comfortably distributed over the shape.

Ammonia-free formula guarantees a delicate effect on the hair structure. Gel paint does not dry out the hairs, so it is ideal for procedures such as lamination of eyelashes and long-term styling of eyebrows.

The BRONSUN® line includes 7 bright shades, which, when mixed together, give the widest palette.

Black #1 is a classic lash color, also used when mixed with other shades in the palette to darken or create a cool brow color.
Graphite #2 is a shade of medium intensity, suitable for coloring the eyebrows of cold blondes (ash-blond, pearl blond) and burning brunettes.
Blue Black #3 is a deep rich lash tint, perfect for those who want more than just black. It is also used to neutralize yellowness.
Chestnut #4 - not intense shade, ideal for coloring eyebrows of medium blond types.
Light Brown #5 is a medium intensity shade ideal for red, medium and light blond types with straw, gold and ash motifs.
Brown #6 - intense shade, suitable for dark blond types.
Dark Brown #7 - intense cool shade, suitable for swarthy brunettes.
Shelf life after opening: 12 months.

One package of BRONSUN® eyelash and eyebrow gel-paint is enough for up to 40 procedures.

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