LeviSsime Eyebrow INDIGO BLUE A-66, 15ml

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LeviSsime eyebrow and eyelash is suitable for professional and home use. The color palette of LeviSsime dyes is multifaceted - 5 shades that can be combined with each other and get completely new colors. Thanks to which for everyone The client can choose his own individual shade and create a unique image. LeviSsime Shade # 7.5 Brown is the base shade in the LeviSsime color palette. It can be combined in different proportions with LeviSsime No. 1 Black, LeviSsime No. 1.1 Graphit or LeviSsime No. 7.7 Light Brown, to make the color smooth. Due to this feature, the dye is suitable for all clients - from blondes to brunettes. LeviSsime No. 3.7 Brown It has a natural dark brown shade, without a reddish and reddish tint. With him, eyebrows look natural and natural. A dark brown shade of eyebrows will emphasize the individuality of girls with golden wheat hair, eyebrows will become shiny deep colors. Natural components of the dye do not spoil the eyebrows, do not injure them. After staining with a natural brown color, the eyebrows will look thicker, well-groomed and voluminous. It stains both hairs and skin. Thanks to this property of paint, you can fill in the gaps and make the shape of the eyebrows perfect. The paint preserves the natural color of the hair. Hair becomes more lively and obedient. LeviSsime eyebrow and eyelash has a cumulative effect. When staining eyelashes, the paint does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and itching; it has undergone allergic and ophthalmological studies. IN its composition is castor oil, it promotes the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes, strengthens them. Without smell. Consumption is small, so a tube of paint is enough for a long time. By consistency, it has a gel texture, so the paint mixes easily with the LeviSsime EyeBrow Activator 3% and 6% oxidizing agent, does not spread on the skin and perfectly holds the drawn contour. Mode of application: Mix the selected color with the original Eybrow Activator 10V (3%) or 20V (6%) in equal parts (1 + 1), depending on the desired shade. Apply dye evenly to the surface of the eyebrow. Exposure time from 5 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with water. After drying, treat with Eyebrow Cleanser.

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