STRONG 210 / 107II up to 40,000 rpm without pedal

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Milling cutter Strong 210 / 107II up to 40,000 rpm without pedal― professional device for hardware manicure and pedicure, for correction of nails. Compact apparatus for carrying out manicure procedures, pedicure and nail extension. Power the micromotor is 64 watts, the rotation speed is 40,000 rpm, there is a reverse function.

Cutter dimensions
- 140 X 132 X 86 (mm), handle ¢ 27 X 146 (mm).
- handle cooling (each STRONG tip has a special air intake for cooling the micromotor. Handle not heats up, the electric motor can work in several shifts without stopping);
- reverse (all STRONG devices have the possibility of rotation in both directions, which allows the use of cutters with reversible cut);
- complete absence of vibration (construction the micromotor includes 4 bearings that prevent vibration of the cutter during processing surface of the nail plate. The treated surface becomes perfect smooth and does not "bother");
- overload protection (the device has built-in overload cut-off function to protect the device from output out of service).
-Control block
-Micromotor 107II
-Handle stand
-Spare brushes
1 year warranty for the unit and 6 months per micromotor (handle)!!!

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