Full Color Base Sexy 7,2ml

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How about preparing an edgy female manicure? Reach for an iconic shade Sexy Red in a new version! It is a limited novelty, which is a red UV gel base 2-in-1 with color. This is the most classic color in the entire red collection that you can find on NEONAIL offer. Now you can apply it in a few moments and even build up the nails with its help. All you have to do is apply the base with color, cure it in a LED lamp and finally fix it with your favourite top. Perfect for a solo date, with the love of your life or with a friend. This color will give you courage to spend Valentine’s Day in your style!

Transparent base layer is recommended.

Led Lamp – 60 sec (Minimum 48W, Wavelength 365 - 405 nm)

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