TOP Sunblocker Pro 7,2ml

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  • Protects neon manicure – neon UV gel polishes often tend to sunlight. This product ensures that the colors do not lose their intensity. You can also be sure that there are no spots on them.
  • Perfect for summer – if you know your nails are exposed to the sun for a long time, use Top Sunblocker PRO to protect them from fading, yellowing and loss of gloss.
  • Great for adornments – if you plan to apply water stickers or other adornments, make sure to use this UV gel top as it will secure a UV gel manicure perfectly. Top Sunblocker by NEONAIL also has a dispersion layer.
  • For UV gel polishes and gels – Top Sunblocker PRO is ideal for finishing stylisation with UV gel and gel method.
  • Seamless application – applying this product is pure pleasure! A UV gel top has a medium-thick consistency that does not flow on the cuticles. It also has a transparent, clear formula that you will love!

UV gel top for the summer? Only Top Sunblocker PRO protects your manicure from spots and loss of color and shine!

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