STEP | 5 | Peeling Cream 500ml

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Peeling cream brightens and detoxifies the skin with the use of silicone micro granules, for gentle yet thorough exfoliating action and stimulation of blood flow. Menthol and Lavender oils soothe and refresh effectively relieving tension in tired feet and heavy legs.

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This luxurious cream peeling is enriched with essential oils and plant extracts known for their healing and nourishing qualities. Effectively relieves tension by stimulating blood circulation,detoxifies and improves absorption of other products.


Apply a small amount of treatment peeling cream to hands/feet and lower legs using circular motion. Rub in gently until fully absorbed, wipe away remaining granules with a dry towel. Gentle enough to be used on daily basis. Recommended to use following Clearance treatment soap and prior to applying protective hand cream/ foot cream.

Recommended to be used together with other Clearance products to speed up recovery and achieve a visible result in a short period of time.

NB! This product can only be purchased after the introductory seminar.

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