NIVELAZIONE Mineral Foot Bath Salt 1500g

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Nivelzione is a professional line recommended for specialized foot care in the case of extremely frequent and characteristic problems such as hyperkeratosis, hyperhidrosis, swelling . Thanks to appropriately selected active ingredients, combination of natural ingredients with the latest discoveries in cosmetology and dermatology, these preparations not only eliminate ailments, but also leave the impression of "light" and refreshed feet. moreover, they are used in antifungal and antibacterial prophylaxis.
purpose: foot bath before pedicure treatment, especially in the case of very dry, rough and excessively keratinized skin, with the problem of hyperhidrosis
effects: cleansing and refreshing the feet softening keratinized epidermis facilitating the removal of calluses and corns reducing the unpleasant smell of sweat

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