NeoNail Nail Prep Extra 10ml

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NAIL PREP EXTRA – nail degreasing preparation Your stylisation is not durable as you want it to be? Or do you just want to maintain and protect a nail plate that is susceptible to contact with microbes? Reach for NAIL PREP EXTRA, a nail degreasing preparation that increases stylisation adhesion in a gentle but effective way. Bet on a reliable product to always enjoy perfectly prepared, durable mani! You can also apply it in a few moments, because NAIL PREP EXTRA has a convenient and profiled brush that makes it easy to apply.

Reach for NAIL PREP EXTRA and extend durability of your stylisation Do you wear UV gel, gel or acrylic stylisation? Are you not satisfied with the durability, or maybe you are just interested in creating a manicure that will not disappoint you in any situation? Reach for NAIL PREP EXTRA, a degreasing preparation that significantly extends durability of manicure and nourishes your nails. This effect is achieved due to unique and precise formulation, which increases the adhesion of an applied products and at the same time nourishes a nail tile.

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