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Marathon MINI cro up to 30,000 rpm. without a pedal with a battery - a professional device for manicure, pedicure and nail correction. Compact device for manicure, pedicure and manicure procedures. The power of the micromotor is 64 W, the rotational speed is 30,000 rpm, there is a reverse, an overload function. The kit does not include a rubber pad!

1. Charging time 3 hours, working time up to 10 hours;
2. 4 LEDs in terms of color speed (White ~ 6800RPM / Cyan - 15,300RPM / Blue - 20,000RPM / Pink - 30,000RPM;
3. When the battery level reaches 30%, the LED flashes.

Warranty 1 year for the block and 6 months for the micromotor (handle) !!!

To make the device last longer, observe the following rules:
1. Do not turn on the appliance and do not close the handle without a cutter.
2. Do not switch reverse while the device is running.
3. Do not overload the device with heavy cutters.
4. Clean the device from dust.
5. Remember that the lower the speed at which you work, the more comfortable the customer will feel, and the longer you will service the device and the handpiece itself.

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