16mm 320 grit  Lukas Podo Orange Abrasive Caps (pointed)

16mm 320 grit Lukas Podo Orange Abrasive Caps (pointed)

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Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the orange-coloured LUKAS- PODO abrasive cap is significantly more efficient than comparable instruments.

  • Callus removal is remarkably faster and gentler.
  • Non-stick effect greatly reduces attachment of skin residues to the cap surface. Even large quantities of callus can be removed without exchanging the tool, an often tedious, time-consuming procedure.
  • Precise fit between the cap and mandrel ensures that the cap is held firmly in place during the treatment. It is easily removed and exchanged when needed.
  • Gentler use – the abrasive caps need only slight pressure. This enables fatigue-free work and reduces stress to the skin.
  • Single use.
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