HANDS & NAILS ARTIST Vitamin Hands, Nails & Cuticles Lotion – Mask 280ml

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An innovative line based on vitamins, enzymes and fruit acids, which combines proper care with the perfect appearance of the skin of the hands, nails and cuticles around them. The formulas of the preparations have been developed so that they perfectly match the hand styling treatments, without changing their durability - traditional manicure, hybrid, gel or titanium manicure.

HANDS & NAILS ARTIST vitamin balm - make your hands a true work of art. Intended for: professional manicure, dry cuticles around the nails, brittle and brittle nails, nail plate damaged by nail styling treatments, hand skin exposed to adverse external factors, dry and rough.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spread a small amount of the preparation on your hands, massage it into the nail plate and cuticles. In case of very dry cuticles and damaged nails, apply a thicker layer, wrap in foil and leave for 10 minutes, then massage the rest of the preparation into the skin.


- softening and moisturizing very damaged and dry cuticles around the nails

- strengthening the nail plate, nourishing the skin, rebuilding the natural protective barrier of the epidermis

- evening the color of the nails, smoothing the skin of the hands and the skin around the nails

- alleviating irritation and improving the functioning of the epidermal barrier


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