Manicure dust collector ÜLKA X2F hepa

Manicure dust collector ÜLKA X2F hepa

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The ÜLKA hepa dust collector is essential for keeping the work table clean and dust-free.

The body is made of durable plastic resistant to disinfectant treatment. The hood has special nonslip rubber pads on the feet.

This model is equipped with a powerful rolling-element bearing fan that works with high performance, but with less noise, less wear and tear, and less energy consumption. Working lifespan — 50,000 hours is almost 6 years of continuous working!

The 4-point rack can be a great supplementary accessory for your dust collector. The height from 45 to 90 centimeters and stainless tube. You can fix it by any convenient side. The rack has nonslip rubber pads on the feet, so you can move it anywhere you want without scratching the floor.

Package contents: ÜLKA manicure hood, HEPA filter, ÜLKA reusable pitta mask, warranty card!

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