Codyson CD-4800 Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Ultraheli puhastusvann teeb teie metall– ja plastesemed ideaalselt puhtaks eemaldades isegi kinnistunud mustuse. Ultraheli puhastusvanni on võimalik kasutada tavalise vee või puhastusvedelikuga. Seade on varustatud taimeriga. Konteineri maht 1400ml

Maksimaalne lubatud vedelikukogus: 1400 ml

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  1. Digital control, LED display, 5 timer settings.
  2. Use industrial grade transducer with a more powerful commercial driving circuit than the domestic series.
  3. Frequency: 40KHz. Low noise.
  4. 1400ml SUS304 stainless steel cleaning tank.
  5. Suitable for cleaning large number of glasses and small hardware parts.
  6. Suitable for commercial use such as opticians and repair shops.

Other Information:

  1. Special designed for glasses, repair shop. The basic model in commercial series.
  2. Use industry ultrasonic transducer, the unit life time is twice longer than domestic series.
  3. Use the full-wave circuit of the commercial setting, cleaning power is twice stronger than domestic series.
  4. Moisture-proofed PCB, durable and good water proof.
  5. Cooling fan for continuous running.

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