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Allows sterilization of temperature-sensitive instruments and medical devices. 2 in 1 powder is for disinfection of cleaning instruments and advanced disinfection / chemical sterilization of medical devices. Very broad spectrum of action, (bacteria, fungi (including spores), viruses, tuberculosis, spores)

  • chemical sterilization solution concentration 2%
  • slightly scented
  • duration of action from 15 minutes
  • the solution is stable for 1 day
  • 1kg

Use: Dissolve 25/50/100g of powder in 5l of water to the desired concentration (0.5/1/2%). 1 tablespoon = 25g. Immerse the products completely in the solution. The products must first be free of dust but dry. Wet instruments reduce the effect of the solution. After chemical sterilization, the equipment must be rinsed thoroughly with water of at least potable quality. In the case of a 2% solution, chemical sterilization takes place. The products must be kept in this concentration for 15 minutes.

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