7mm 150 grit Lukas Podo Thermo Abrasive Caps



7mm 150 grit Lukas Podo Thermo Abrasive Caps

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Faster and more efficient treatment
Compared to conventional abrasive caps and instruments, the SK THERMO abrasive cap renders the treatment faster, more efficient, and gentler. The SK THERMO is available in three qualities (fine, medium, coarse).

Better abrasion performance without cap replacement
Thanks to the anti-stick effect, attachment of skin particles to the cap surface is significantly reduced, and large quantities of callus can be removed with a single abrasive cap.

Sustainable, well-tolerated and eco-friendly
The use of food dyes, phenol- and formaldehyde-free resins, and organic cotton in the production of our abrasive caps reduces skin irritation and environmental damage.

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